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Whether it is brand-new sod and plantings or the look your property has had for years, it’s important to protect your investment. South Florida is a hotbed of potential threats to your landscape and Lunnscape is expertly trained and equipped to keep things looking beautiful. Quality inspections and cutting-edge preventative measures provide a proactive approach to stop problems before they start, which saves you time and money.


We understand how a well-maintained landscape attracts people, adds to your property value, and contributes to your success. When LunnScape is chosen as the preferred landscape maintenance contractor, guaranteed you’ve chosen a proven company that knows your landscape is about maintaining property values and retaining residents. Contact us for a hassle-free proposal that outlines a custom maintenance solution for your property.

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Water Sprinkler


Water plays the most fundamental role in the overall appearance and health of plants on your property. Making sure enough water is being applied is just as crucial as making sure you are not running money down the drain. Our professionals at LunnScape understand that your irrigation system is the main artery that feeds the living, breathing organism known as your landscape. We’re committed to providing consistently reliable service in a timely and professional manner.

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When you're in need of a dependable Landscape Maintenance Service, don’t hesitate. Contact LunnScape today.

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