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Annual Landscaping and Gardening: Impatiens Flowers

Ideas for Annual Landscaping and Gardening: Impatiens Flower

When it comes to landscaping, it’s important to know what flowers are favorable to plant all year round. Regardless of the shape and design of the gardens, one can make a strong statement with a well-designed flower bed. At an affordable price of just $3 per plant, new fresh flowers can be added and custom designed to fit into an existing landscape through layering. This adds freshness to the garden and you get to enjoy a vibrant burst of colors throughout the year.

Just as in any appealing design, having different colors, textures, and contrasts makes a garden come alive. Using a different color combination instead of one color, removes the monotony and draws the eyes interest to the different varieties throughout the garden.

Always put into consideration what flower plants that you already have in your garden, whether they are perennials or annual flowers. This is important so that you know how and where to place them and they do not necessarily overwhelm each other in the course of the year.

For annual flowers, it is advisable to have them replanted Three times a year for that fresh looking garden. It is also important not to over busy an annual garden with a mix of too many varieties of plant and flowers. Instead, go for a larger quantity of types of plants. The design of such an annual bed comes out very neat and more appealing.

The great thing about annual plants and flowers is that they are diverse in shape, sizes, and burst with a beautiful array of colors and produce striking colors. The point to remember is that not all annuals produce flowers, some are all about foliage.

One of the most beautiful and favorable as an annual flower is the Impatiens and they are many kinds of impatiens flowers. Some that are native to tropical Africa, where they are perennials due to the hot weather. The North American Impatiens are treated as annual plants. Other breeds of the Impatiens flower that come in colors such as magenta, deep pink and lavender are:

  1. Sun-Patients: This breed has its unique qualities and a great choice to plant for growing because they thrive well under high heat, they are resistant to pests and take hold quickly from their strong roots. They bloom well from spring through fall and are low maintenance.

  2. New Guinea Impatiens: These flowers do well in the morning sun and evening shade and they produce a variety of flowers and foliage.

  3. Hybrid New Guinea Impatiens: These hybrids are simply stunning with their bold colors of lavender, purple, pink, red, orange, or white, grow up to 10 inches high and flowers up to 3inches wide are sure to make a statement in your garden. They are great in the sun too!

  4. Sun Harmony's flower: This bold white flower is a good choice for the hot weather and evenly moist conditions. It does not require much pruning unless when necessary. It can also be planted in flower pots, hanging baskets and looks great when planted as a border edging.


Give the beautiful and versatile Impatiens flower a try today.

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